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A passionate post on MTL city weblog:

I generally agree with the opinion expressed there and share the concerns (certainly I won't be looking forward to seeing a giant BestBuy on St-Catherine), but here's what irked me:

All the small businesses shown above will be erased when the Spectrum is razed. Instead we'll have a featureless glass wall. Is this meant to be beneficial and to attract people to the area? 

There's a photo supplied with the post to make us all feel sorry for the business. I've got to say it straight out loud: this is the most fucking disgusting block in downtown Montreal and those businesses should be razed to the ground no matter what.

A ridiculous porn store, a couple of no-name restaurants, an empty parking lot and a diner on the corner that hasn't gotten around to replace windows that cracked YEARS ago (instead putting a duct tape of on top of the cracks) elicit absolutely no nostalgia in me. It's fucking ugly and I won't miss any of that. Status quo is NOT a good option.

What do you guys think?

P.S. The corner in question is St-Catherine & De Bleury
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