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Contact Us

We warmly welcome:

  1. Site suggestions
  2. Requests to add residential buildings
  3. General comments
We also appreciate updates from both managers and residents about the features and services of their buildings.


Before sending us an email, please take 15-20 seconds to read the following (really, PLEASE read this!):

We are not an owner or manager of any of the buildings listed on our site. Please do not contact us for apartment availabilities, management inquiries or maintenance requests!

Normally, the phone number, email address or web site of the manager (sometimes, developer) of each building is posted on the building information page. If you're interested in renting (or buying) in the building, please contact those parties directly. (If none of the above is not posted, it means we do not currently have the contact info for the building in question).

Ok, so did you read & understand the above? Sure? 100%? If so, our email is support [at] Before you hit "send": you really did read the above paragraph, right? Just checking.

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