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As of mid-2012, Montreal's condo market is considered one of the most robust in North America. Although there's almost never-ending talk in the media about too many condo units being added each year, the experience of the last 10-15 years suggests that the probability of a severe, Florida-style contraction is low. Montreal is not too prone to being a target of speculators (partly because its condos' market values tend to grow slower than in other major metro areas, such as New York, Toronto, or Vancouver). Thus, most people buy condos on the island to live in (or, possibly, to rent out long-term), and not to flip within months of buying as is often the case in bubble cities.

NOTE: since some buyers do buy condos in central Montreal as an investment, it is quite common to find apartments for rent in condo buildings. Therefore, this directory may also be of use to people looking to rent. The percentage of renters varies significantly by building.

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Condo Buildings in Ville Marie

In recent years the demand for downtown condos has been strong and while many new buildings are currently (2012) under construction, in some upscale neighbourhoods (e.g. Vieux Montréal), the supply is perpetually restricted. Since the early 2000s, high-rise and mid-rise condos have risen in Centre-Ville (along/near Boulevard Maisonneuve and Boulevard René-Lévesque), Griffintown, and in areas adjacent to the Village and Vieux Montréal. Transit options in Ville-Marie are very good to excellent, and even though most new condo buildings have underground parking, having a car is not a necessity.

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Condo Buildings in Plateau Mont Royal

Generally, this borough tends to approve only lower-height condo buildings (typically, under 6 stories), which may appeal to buyers searching for much-coveted "human scale" in their (future) neighbourhood.

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Condo Buildings in Sud-Ouest

Sud-Ouest is leading in terms of industrial conversions. Aficionados of loft living should seriously consider buying in this borough.

Condo Buildings in Other Boroughs

Condo Buildings in Borough Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Condo Buildings in Rosemont-Petite Patrie

Condo Buildings in Mercier-Hochelagq Maisonneuve

P.S. The "new" icon indicates the building has been recently added to our site, but it does not necessarily mean it's a recently constructed building.

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