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City's Biggest Projects Escape Scrutiny




Posted10/Jun/2008 21:45:00

In writing about UQAM's Îlot Voyageur debacle, Henri Aubin (The Gazette) makes a much bigger point: why is it that in Montréal, the largest projects seem to escape the careful analysis and public scrutiny that are the norm for smaller ones?

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I completely agree with Mr Aubin's analysis. Indeed, almost every large project in recent years - from UQAM's ill-conceived Îlot Voyageur to the more recent Quartier des Spectacles and Griffintown redevelopment efforts - received only a minimal review before being approved. Particularly glaring was the Griffintown example, in which the borough and the city happily rubber-stamped the biggest real estate project in Montreal's history while patently ignoring the protesters, the experts and indeed common sense. The approved project was never even finalized and its developer, Devimco, openly admitted that the end result may end up looking very different from the renderings that were made public.

The worst part, writes Mr. Aubin, is that nothing seems to be changing: 

I've written about this absence of checks and balances for four years. The void is as glaring as ever.... The core problem remains.
One is left wondering why this might be the case.



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